CLIR is working with the Qatar National Library, The Antiquities Coalition, the Digital Library Federation (DLF), Stanford University Libraries and other institutions worldwide to explore the feasibility and undertake technical prototyping of a Digital Library of the Middle East (DLME). The DLME would create an internationally shared digital inventory of cultural artifacts, to include detailed and culturally nuanced descriptions, and confirm objects’ appearance and provenance. This information would help determine whether an item of cultural or historical significance offered for sale or being transferred was acquired legally. Records from the DLME would be made publicly available to encourage scholarly discoveries and greater appreciation of the region's rich heritage and living peoples, while helping to safeguard fundamentally important expressions of our cultural commonwealth and shared humanity.

Sample Exhibits

Early contributions to the project are helping to test our technical platform and workflows. We look forward to federating the collections of regional partners in our next phase of work.
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